Introduction (updated)

Monday, March 09, 2015 Rocío N. 0 Comments

I hate writing.

Well, not writing, per se, but reading what I've written. You see, writing has never been my forté, so anything I have ever created through type or pen never really seemed to excite me.

But what's absurd is that I, a non-writer, chose to start a blog.

Let's start with the why, the when, and the how:

Why. I decided to start a blog, because, well…I had nothing better to do. Sorry. That's a bad answer. Let me re-phrase -- I decided to start a blog because I wanted to communicate my thoughts and ideas through something other than just a conversation with people I see every day. Basically, I wanted to branch out from what I currently do. I guess starting a blog was the first step to achieving this.

When. Contrary to what I just told you, starting a blog has indeed been on my mind for a while. It all started with the whole "oh this blogger has nice clothes", the "oh this blogger has a lovely writing style", and the "oh this blogger makes fantastic art" conundrum that incidentally made me feel as if I was doing nothing with my life. I decided to pick myself up and do something about it.

How. School. Coincidentally, the (in)famous International Baccalaureate Diploma Programme (IBDP) I had taken in my last two years of high school offers academic credit for doing anything creative. Writing blogs count. So then I slapped myself in the face, kicked myself out of bed and got myself logged on to my computer, and gave birth to what you, dear reader, can see right here, right now.

And there it is. End. Done. Finito.

But…not quite? I don't necessarily believe that all blogs need an introduction to the author, but  I feel you're going to want to know who's behind this sooner or later, whether it be because I become rich and famous (as if…but you know, fingers crossed) or if I just end up typing up a confession to mass murder.

Whatever the reason, here it goes…

My name is Rocío. Friends and family call me Cio (pronounced see-oh). I take an interest in visual arts, literature, travel, film, and really, anything else that can grasp my attention.

My little foreword may not say much, but I thoroughly hope you enjoy the content I will be posting in the near or far future (who knows if I'll be keeping up with this), and finally, welcome to my blog.

Rocío x