Berlin: Day Two

Thursday, October 29, 2015 Rocío N. 0 Comments

It's been more than a month since my last blog post, and for that I am truly, deeply, and utterly sorry. I hope a Day Two of my Berlin series will suffice until I post another Life Update where I explain myself. Let's get right to it then:

Our first stop after having a delicious breakfast (and mightily unhealthy I might add -- Nutella sandwiches, anyone?) was the Naturkundemuseum. My brother had been itching to go since our uncle mentioned the gargantuan dinosaur skeletons, and my brother having recently seen Jurassic get the picture.

Our uncle dropped us off a few blocks away in a DriveNow car, and to be honest, it was one of the highlights of my day. I know, it sounds stupid, but a service where you could drive any car under membership as long as there are cars around is pretty ingenious. I'm not endorsing their brand or anything, but man was that cool to learn. Any chance we could get DriveNow in Manila? No? Oh well...

We walked just a few blocks after accidentally wandering into a building undergoing maintenance with another lost family, we finally found the entrance. This is what greeted us once we finally got through:

It was a fantastic sight, a skeleton of what I can recollect being a Brachiosaur, the longest ever discovered. Other displays welcomed us with skeletal remains, fossils, and interactive videos.

We continued our tour in the museum and found Knut.  As a child who had seen and idolised the polar bear cub on television, this was astounding. They had Bao Bao the panda as well, but I failed to take a photo.

The rest of the museum was incredible: darkened rooms with preserved sea creatures, stories of evolution on walls and statues, a hall dedicated to outer space, and gemstones galore.

By lunchtime, we had left the museum found a pizza place (with extra-extraordinarily good pizza, might I add) before beginning our hunt for the Hackescher Hof. The feat took hours; and although it was tiresome for my poor little non-athletic ankles, we were able to stumble upon some important tourist spots including the Friedrichstadt-Palast and the Neue Synagoge.

After we'd been going around in circles, we decided to go past an alley to reach the other side as a shortcut. Little did we know that passing this alley would lead us to this small, but charming complex of greenery, cafés, and art studios.

After spending almost half an hour taking in the beauty of this little oasis (where you can spot my cousin at the fountain), we emerged through the other end and were greeted by an array of buildings signaling our proximity to the Hackescher Hof.

Much to the annoyance of my mother, however, we were sidetracked by a store called Maskworld, where we spent hours trying on, well, masks. She got over it as soon as we entered, and was  immediately impressed by the spectacle of glitter and feathers. The store was stocked in four floors with costumes, merchandise, makeup, and hats, all worthy of an all-star Halloween dress-up party. Unfortunately, all photos inside the store were blurry. Also, I don't think my mother or aunt or uncle would be happy about posting pictures of the kids on the internet, so I'll have to keep it at that.

Once we stepped out of the store, we took a left and found it. The Hackescher Hof.

...still, we weren't able to enter. As soon as we had found the place, there was an emergency and we had to take a taxi back home. Maybe next time?

See you soon with a Life Update and a Day Three coming next month,

Rocío x

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