Berlin: Day Four

Saturday, August 06, 2016 Rocío N. 0 Comments

The final full day of our stay in Berlin, also finally published a year after the fact.

We had a schedule not too different than the day before: wake up early, get dressed, breakfast at a tourist attraction. Today, that tourist attraction would be no other than the Fernsehturm, a building rounding about 368 m tall, and boasting both a sweet retro interior and a 360º view of Berlin.

Below is the view of the glass ceiling of the elevator that took us to the revolving restaurant located at the sphere:

We came, we saw, we ordered breakfast. We also took photos of the view with our unfortunate and unflattering reflections across the thick glass panes.

After we had eaten, we took the kids to the zoo by train. Zoos are not necessarily things I endorse or enjoy going to, but that was the plan anyway. I did, however, get to see a wondrous display of small jellyfish; something I'd usually avoid on a dive trip.

Our small detour ended quickly, and we decided to head to check out the Kaufhaus des Westens (often shortcutted to KaDeWe) while the kids ran off to a parkour park in Spandau.

Hiding my envy that the kids got to rope around and chill in floating cars, I was still able to enjoy a beautifully crafted Insalata Caprese at the department store's luxurious food court.

We still had a lot of time left to explore the rest of KaDeWe (which we did) and after a few hours of wandering around and replacing ridiculously expensive items to their previous displays, we walked around the area before ending our day – and hence, our trip – and reunited with everyone at a wonderful Turkish restaurant called Osmans Töchter.

Thanks for your patience and for sticking with me even though this post is so incredibly behind!

Be back very soon with stories from South Africa and Liechtenstein,

Rocío x