Mount Pinatubo

Saturday, August 13, 2016 Rocío N. 2 Comments

To keep you occupied while I conjure up a new post about my two weeks in South Africa, here is a collection of photos my friend and I curated for our travel instagram account (here) when we wandered through the mountains Botolan, Philippines, for a school project.

On this path commenced an hour-long drive on a 4x4 across volcanic ash.

"Mt. Pinatubo, Philippines, December 2015 - IB students get out of the classroom and take a hike up Mount Pinatubo"

Along the trail, we spotted these Aeta kids who reside somewhere in the mountains. They posed as soon as I brought out my camera.

"The 7 km hike through ash, a jungle and over rivers brought us to the breathtaking crater at the top of the volcano"

(all drawings by me.)

Until the next post,

Rocío x


  1. Your photos are outstanding, I can see each tells a story and injects a positive vibe. Nicely done!