Thursday, July 13, 2017 Rocío N. 0 Comments

Welcome to Amsterdam, the city of sex, drugs and rock n' roll! Now let's get stoooooooned!

If I could invite the bus driver out to a coffee shop for the sole reason of uttering those words as we arrived in Holland's capital city, you're sure as hell I would. And it wasn't just these words that got me pumped to spend four days in the Sin City of Europe – it was because I'd be visiting my best friend Kata (I believe I've mentioned her name here a couple times) after not seeing each other for so long apart from our time together in South Africa. It didn't even matter that we'd miss the tulips Amsterdam is famous for. Sorry to be cheesy, but this girl is my favourite type of flower anyway.

We left for Amsterdam in the winter. Needless to say, seeing the place in a different season as usually advertised was simply other-worldly. I felt as though I were in a dream. Walking by the still canals, breathing in the biting mist, watching tourists scrambling for herring...nothing more could scream "storybook fisherman's town" than an actual fisherman smoking a pipe around the corner.

Luckily for us Potterheads, there would be a Harry Potter Exhibit in the outskirts of Utrecht, a city just thirty minutes away. I don't remember anybody telling me not to publish any pictures I took, so here's to hoping I won't get sued:

See you soon,

Rocío x